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Portfolio Update for 2022

February 02, 2022
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To start the year we are going to provide a weekly update on 3 to 4 of our holdings that are most widely held in our models by our clients. We hope you find this informative about what you own, why you own it and what we expect the returns to be over the next 12 months.

Our current model owns about 30 stocks, (30% of the portfolio) and 70% high yield preferred securities and energy ETF’s that average 6-9% in dividend income.

We are taking a very conservative “value driven” approach for 2022 while the Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates 3 or 4 times this year to a level of 0.75% - 1%. We expect this portfolio to “fight through” the headwinds of rising rates and give our clients a targeted return of 8 to 12%, even if the major indexes are slightly lower than that, due to how they are constructed.

As always, your personal return is the most important part of the financial plan, not some random market index.

Our team of planners and portfolio managers; Amy Burk, Tyler Steffen and myself, along with our terrific support staff of Glenda Nichols and Nikki Hester are here for you every day, Monday thru Friday, during normal business hours, ready to review your accounts and, most importantly, to review your financial plan.

In summary, I hope you enjoy the weekly insights posted on our website and sent to your e-mail on the main stock holdings we feel will do the best this year, and beyond.  And, we look forward to seeing you for regularly scheduled reviews and whenever you need us for your financial planning needs.


Jim Charbonneau

Financial Advisor, CEO